My Cure

For lower back pain and sciatica

My cure for lower back pain and sciatica

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There is no magic golden needle to pin point what it is that has kept me pain free.

Tens machines combined with amitriptylene

Most back pain and sciatic pain is caused by the muscles going into spasm. The use of small doses of amitriptylene blocks nerve pain being transmitted to the brain. Since the brain doesn't receive this message it no longer transmits a signal to the nerves in the muscles to send them into spasm. A TENS machine works in a similar way with the electrical signals blocking the transmission of the pain signals to the brain. In addition to this some TENS machine programs cause the release of endorphins - natures own pain blocker.

I use a TENS machine daily along with 10mg of amitriptylene - to block the transmission of nerve pain to the brain. Since the pain signals are blocked the brain no longer sends a signal to the muscles causing them to go into spasm.

The importance of doing stretches and exercises for the lower back and sciatica

The one thing I did learn was that the single most important factor to help overcome back pain is exercise and proper stretching. Research and surveys carried out in several countries have shown that the single biggest factor which contributes to relief and ease of pain and rehabilitation, is exercise. Without the use of the amitriptyline and TENs machine there would have been a limit to the exercises I could have carried out.

For the past few years I have walked on average 3 to 6 miles a day. I swim 1000 meters several times a week. I also do 15 minutes of light exercises and stretching every day.

Dietary suppliments for lower back pain and sciatica

I use dietary supplements. There is some debate as to how effective these are. The main ones I use are Glucosamine Sulphate and MSM, as well as Omega 3 oil combined with vitamin E. I take these to try to keep my osteoarthritis at bay