Lower Back Pain relief devices

Reviews of devices which help relieve lower Back Pain

Lower Back Pain relief devices

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As each day passes more and more devices come on the market claiming to bring relief from lower back pain. Some of these items work, some will work for one person but not for another, such is the nature of back pain. As a general piece of advice, if you are thinking about investing some of your hard earned cash on a back pain product, do some research first of all and buy from a reputable supplier.

Most reputable suppliers like, Amazon, Bed bath and beyond, Boots, etc., will give you a refund if you return the product in tact. Some times you may be able to rent or trial expensive equipment.

TENs Machines

These widely popular machines are covered in more detail on a separate page. Click on the navigation bar at the side of the page.

Sacroiliac Belt

One of the most common, and wrongly diagnosed problems associated with lower back pain is the mis alignment of the sacroiliac joint.

Sacroiliac joint mis-alignment is also one of the most common problems giving rise to back pain in pregnant women. If you are female and find that you have all of a sudden been prone to severe back pain there is a strong possibility it is as a result of mis-alignment of the Sacroiliac joint

A Sacroiliac Belt provides support for the sacroiliac joint, thereby relieving stress and instability on the weight bearing structures. The Sacroiliac Belt also helps provide the correct balance of resistance to ensure normal motion. Because of the stability the Sacroiliac Belt gives to the base of your spine, strength is increased throughout your back, hips, and legs, and your chances of injury are lessened considerably during work or play.

Most importantly the Sacroiliac Belt provides relief to the pain caused by the misalignment of the Sacroiliac joint.

Pain Gone Pen

The pain gone pen is a relative recent innovation - it looks just like a pen an pressing the button at the top of the pen causes it to generate an electric pulse which is applied through the skin via the pen tip to bring pain relief. The Mini Pain Gone pen is based on TNS (transcutaneous nerve stimulation) which is similar to TENS machines but doesn't require any power, leads or gels to operate.

It is easy to operate, simply hold the pain gone pen in your hand, place the pen over the pain spot and "click" the button 30-40 times. Each click sends a pulse to activate Endorphins, your body's natural defense against pain. You cannot over dose and mini pain gone pen will even work over light clothing.

Back2Life Machine

This machine has been on the market for some time now and has had many mixed reviews.

Spinal Stretch

Another product with mixed reviews. Including being difficult to use.

There are many ways to stretch without using any machine. If you do decide to try the Spinal Stretch, you need to be able to get up and down off the floor. Also according to the web site you should not use the product if you have or have or have had severe osteoporosis, spine surgery, spinal fracture, abdominal aneurysm or aortic aneurysm repair, cancer or tumors of the spine, infection in the spine, disc surgery less than six months ago, severe stenosis, acute trauma to your spine, or if you're pregnant, younger than age 15 or if you can't lie flat.