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EMS Machines

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What are EMS machines?

EMS stands for Electro Muscle Stimulation. In some respects it acts in a similar way as a TENs machine. A low voltage waveform, applied via conductive pads, placed at strategic points on the body, is used to stimulate muscle motor nerves. Normally when we exercise the brain sends signals via the spinal cord to nerve sensors which cause our muscles to expand and contract.

EMS machines have been around for some time now and they are widely used in sports therapy as muscle toning machines. At one time they were even sold as sliming aids, but the amount of calories actually burnt diuring the musle stimulation was too low to be effective.

The user manuals which come with your EMS machine will give recommendations on how long you should use the machine.

EMS Machine Modes of Operation

There are usually several modes of operation on EMS machines, with machines dedicated to sport and body toning differing from machines dedicated to rehab. Having said that many will have programs to simulate Warm up, Capilary, Endurance, Resistance Force, Muscle Rest, Muscle Recovery, Toning and Muscle Calming.

Positioning the electrode pads on an EMS machine

Placement of the electrodes or pads is very important and often requires expert advice. Your physiotherapist or healthcare practicioner should advise you as to the most effective position to place the pads. Usually this will be close to the muscle motor nerves.

EMS machines for back pain

An EMS machine is a useful supplimentary aid in helping to manage back pain. Very often people who suffer from chronic low back pain and sciatica experience lower back pain due to the muscles being in spasm. While a TENs machine helps block nerve pain and certain forms of muscular pain the EMS machine is particulary useful in relaxing the muscles. The EMS programs such as warm up, active recovery mode, and muscle calming very often will help decrease the recovery time for back pain sufferers.