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Lower back pain and sciatica pain

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This web site is full of useful information for people who suffer from lower back pain and sciatica pain. All the information is FREE. Use this web site as a resource. All profits made from site advertising are donated to back pain charities.

Do you find your back pain is taking forever to go away?

Are off the shelf pain killers ineffective?

Do you find your sciatic pain is so bad you can hardly walk?

Are you searching the web to find a solution to your low back problem?

If the answer to any of those questions is yes you may well find a way to resolve your pain on this this web site. As someone who has suffered from lower back pain and sciatica I thought the least I could do was list everything I found helpful to me.

I can't promise you a miracle cure, but I can show you what helped me find a cure for my lower back pain and sciatica and maybe this will help you to find a solution for your low back pain or sciatic pain.

It took me a long time before I found a cure for my back problems, so I thought the least I could do was share all the information I uncovered. You are welcome to copy any of it and share it with other sufferers of sciatica pain and lower back pain.

Much of what is written here is all based on my personal experience and research. I found out, when I was at the peak of my suffering, I got most inspiration and hope from reading how others had overcome their suffering with lower back pain or sciatica.

This web site details in depth how I managed to overcome debilitating sciatica pain and lower back pain. I sincerely hope that by reading through it you will find new hope, especially if you have pinched sciatic nerve symptoms or low back problems.

Help to overcome lower back pain and sciatica pain

  • THE BEST PAIN RELIEF POSITIONS - I will show you what I discovered to be the most effective pain relief positions for back pain and sciatic pain, when I was suffering from a herniated disc (also known as a pro lapsed or slipped disc).

  • PAIN RELIEF DEVICES - I'll tell you all about TENs machines and why you should think about purchasing a discount tens unit. (Tens machines are probably one of the most effective ways of obtaining pain relief from lower back pain and sciatica nerve pain or pinched sciatic nerve symptoms.)In addition to this I will tell you about other back pain relief devices.

  • STRETCHING - I will show you what stretches I do on a daily basis, (I cannot stress enough the importance of correct stretching.)to keep lower back pain and sciatica pain at bay.

  • EXERCISE - I will tell you what exercises I found the most effective to help relieve my lower back pain and sciatica pain symptoms.

  • PAIN RELIEF DRUGS - I will tell you how I stumbled onto a better alternative to NSAIDs for providing relief for pinched sciatic nerve pain.

  • BEST BOOKS - I will also tell you about the best books I have read and what gems I have found in them to help treat lower back pain and sciatica symptoms.

  • USEFUL BACK PAIN WEB SITES - In addition to all this I will also list some of the most useful back pain web sites with helpful information for all those looking for hernaited disc pain relief or remedies for sciatica pain or other low back problems.

Important advice for those new to lower back problems and sciatica pain

If you are new to low back pain or sciatica perhaps the most important thing to do after a days rest is to start doing gentle stretching and exercise.

This may well be the last thing you wish to contemplate particularly when it is even painful just to move. Sometimes the best way to get started is to do some gentle stretches before you get out of bed.

Always ask your heath care provider what stretches or exercises are most suitable for you.

This web site is dedicated to all those who sufferer from lower back and sciatica pain.

I genuinely hope that by describing what happened to me will help you to find a cure or relief from chronic back pain, or pinched sciatic nerve pain.  I would also like to add, that this is not really intended as place to find alternative medicine or cures, even though I occasionally make references to what might be considered as alternative medicine.

I must also emphasize that you should always seek medical help or advice from a qualified physician, see my disclaimer - but perhaps with a little "helping hand" you can find the best solution for your lower back problems or sciatic pain.

Generally speaking lower back pain sufferers fall into two categories, those who already have back problems and those waiting to have back problems.

The bad back club is unique in that once you have joined, you have a lifetime membership and you can be re-admitted to the club at any time - usually when you least expect it!